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With nearly a dozen private Class Dismissed screenings in theaters, plus many community screenings, we have been taking note of the public comments people have made. Below we share many of them to give you a better sense of what the film is about and how it is being received by the homeschool community as well as those unfamiliar with homeschooling.

“I really enjoyed the film – a MUST see – especially for those who are thinking about homeschooling and unschooling, or for those who have doubts, or for those who are “in the trenches” and need a shot of inspiration and validation. Thank YOU for making a film that gets to the heart of what homeschooling and unschooling are all about. Thumbs WAY up!” – Diane Flynn Keith

“It offered a well-balanced look at numerous schooling alternatives to the existing American education system. With wonderfully authentic (and well-edited) interviews of specialists, parents, children, students, and matriculated young adults, Class Dismissed immediately became one of the most objective and reliable sources on contemporary homeschooling in America.”

“AMAZING NIGHT! It was wonderful knowing that this film is now out there for all to see. Finally, an accurate, positive, comprehensive look at the modern homeschooling movement. We needed this so badly…Thank you.” – JS

“The movie is really really fantastic!!  I don’t know what I was expecting (maybe more of a cult initiation/indoctrination movie from the mind of a crazy homeschool zombie?) but it was really balanced and extremely well researched- I feel like I actually know something about the whole homeschooling issue now.”  – DH

“I can’t stop talking about it today. I look forward to buying the DVD for several family members so they can get past some of the myths.”

“Thank you so much for a film that so clearly captures what we have practiced for 20 years. We felt entertained, validated, and inspired. All the way home in the car, my sons were making plans for the future with a new found eagerness, and one son reached out and thanked my husband and I for making the decision to homeschool he and his siblings. He said he found a new appreciation for it after watching the movie. Whether you’re thinking about homeschooling, already homeschooling, or are just curious, see this film.” – TO

“It met and surpassed my expectations! A great message, superb choice of families and interviewees, spectacular musical score, and so professionally presented! This film is a sure winner and I’m counting on it to become one of our society’s iconic documentaries.” – RN

“It was such an eye opening film, even though I already homeschool my children, it helped me to have more confidence in my decision and in the way I want to homeschool them. There is no right way or wrong way just the way that works for you. I’m feeling inspired! I especially enjoyed the part on ‘socialization’. AR

“It was SO awesome!! Really well done in every way, well balanced and honest, and I’m so excited that there now is a movie that I can recommend to those wondering about and new to homeschooling.”

“LOVE LOVE LOVED it!! Finally my husband sees the light! Thanks SO much!! Can’t wait to share this with friends & family.” – AW

“My family is new to homeschooling and this film was such an awesome experience to attend. My sons (9 & 11) both came away totally inspired about this new lifestyle that we’re embarking on, feeling like they’re on the forefront of something monumentally exciting and revolutionary. Thank you so much for making this amazing film!!” – SBW

“We went to the Oakland screening for this last night, thought it was excellent. I think it did a particularly good job at dispelling some of the widely held myths and misconceptions surrounding homeschooling. Highly recommend for anyone who already homeschools or is considering!” – KL

“This movie will help bring about change!! Thanks!”

“Really, really fun to see the film tonight. EVERYBODY should see this movie! It really captured the growth process so many families experience when they embark on the journey of learning outside of the classroom. Wish I had seen this 15 years ago!” – BPS

“Incredible film- a must see for all families!!”

“This movie is perfect if you or someone you know has ever questioned the ins and outs and ups and downs of what homeschooling is really like. If you have ever considered even the slightest possibility of homeschooling, this movie is for you.” – JC

“Thank you for the inspiring experience last night. Classed Dismissed is an important piece of work. I want my kids, my husband, everyone I know to see this movie.” – EK

“This documentary was absolutely captivating.  It was extremely well done, thoughtful, and educational without being “preachy”.  I found myself completely inspired by it, without ever feeling like they were specifically making a judgement on you as a parent for your educational choice.  It just really encouraged you to think about what education really means.” – SC

“Thank you for telling our stories. this film showed the many different and amazing ways families have freedom to live and be themselves through homeschooling/unschooling. Also, thank you for following your passion and putting this out into the world for everyone to see.” – JLB

“The idea that educational “experts” know more, are more equipped, or can do a better job educating our children is a myth. The reality is that nobody is more qualified to make decisions about our children’s education than we are. Nobody will ever care more than we do. So, if you’re considering a change, wondering about your options, or are just generally “home school curious”, start with watching “Class Dismissed”. – LD

“Hi there – loved attending the screening last night! Excellent excellent film. I invited several families, two of whom are now pulling their kids from school…” -ET

“Really enjoyed the movie, great questions afterwards. The perspective in the film was fresh and inspiring. Very different and loved that it was not anti-public school, just very much “here’s a different approach that really works”. – LS

“It’s a very well-made documentary revolving around homeschooling and focusing on education. There were so many times that I got chills thinking “Now THAT’S what I hope for my children! YES!” It’s rather inspiring.” – JC

“I wanted to let you know I loved this movie. Watching the two girls grow and flourish in the end was great. To me the real story was the mom and dads growth and acceptance. The provided, through trial and error, an environment that completely supported their children’s choices. The fact that the girls had the confidence to step out into the world on their own is a testament to the parents love and willingness to change.” -EA

“Class Dismissed reminded us that the hard work we invest into our kids’ education has a lifetime of value, and that the continued expansion of educational choices is of utmost importance.” – MB

“Loved the movie! Great to see some experts demystifying one of the most positive things happening in education today. The family at the heart of the story were fantastic, down to earth humans doing the best they can for their children. Something most parents – homeschooling or not – can related to.” – SWL

“Thanks for showing some of the challenges and benefits of homeschooling. I hope this film will make it to a mainstream audience to help people to understand why and how people choose this path. I really enjoyed the film!” – KK

“My daughter and I loved this movie. I wish I had seen it when she was young. Regardless, there are things I will do and say differently as a result of seeing this movie.” -EM

“Absolutely a must see from a public school teacher now homeschool mom point of view. Two thumbs up!” – KC

“Thank you so much for creating this film. I learned so much but most importantly I learned the homeschooling is feasible.” – EH

“By focusing on the story of one family, while interspersing vignettes from different experts, settings, families and approaches to homeschooling, it managed to share a tremendous amount of content in an orderly way, and even included answers to numerous, frequently asked questions.”

“It was inspirational & so encouraging! We are just beginning our homeschool journey & this film was the perfect boost of confidence and reassurance that this is the right path for our family. Thank you!” – DS

“In it, the featured family was inclined to try homeschooling, not because of some extraordinary trauma which some viewers might have dismissed as unusual, but because of concerns that had arisen while their children were attending a public school that had an excellent reputation. This context better positioned the movie to highlight relatable issues that can lead to families to become dissatisfied with “regular school” and to want to try homeschooling. By displaying how a particular family faced doubts, uncertainties, questions, and ongoing change, the movie came across as honest and authentic.”

“From start to finish, it held my interest. It was a smooth, polished, professional and pleasing documentary. Throughout, it conveyed a deep respect for children and their families. It presented key aspects of the history of public education in the United States.
It drew attention to the “teach to the test” phenomenon and its drawbacks. It discussed the histories of homeschooling and unschooling, and included the influence of John Holt. It raised thought-provoking challenges to widespread assumptions about education, learning, compulsory and conventional schooling. Without apology, yet also with respect, it featured clear and direct challenges to widespread assumptions about education. As an example of its respectful approach, it refrained from the common practice of making scapegoats out of teachers, and instead drew attention to how rigid, institutional structures often impede genuine innovation

The movie avoided the potential pitfalls both of unnecessary preachiness and of a one-size-fits-all attitude. It touched on multiple approaches to homeschooling, and shed light on group learning opportunities for homeschooled children. It suggested ways to increase families’ options in helping their children to learn and develop. It suggested possible ways in which social change in the area of education could increase variety, innovation and creativity in children’s learning, and in families’ and institutions’ support of such learning. In short, Class Dismissed addressed a spectrum of relevant issues in a way that I found deeply satisfying… if this film gets the wide distribution that I hope it will, I’m betting that: it will help to promote increased respect for children and their families and their capacities to naturally learn; it will help to foster increased appreciation for homeschooling and for various, innovative approaches to learning; and it will encourage the development of a healthier culture of learning, both in the U.S., and in the wider world. For all those reasons, I loved watching the film, Class Dismissed. I hope that it will reach a vast audience and that it will have a major impact.” -VA

“What a night! ‘Class Dismissed’ was great and so was the turnout. If you haven’t, GO SEE CLASS DISMISSED!”

“I think most people are incredibly nervous about homeschooling and have a fear of failure mentality. This project helped relieve the stress that I’m starting to feel as my son is getting closer to school-age. My decision to keep him out of school isn’t a haste one, so thank you for helping to validate my decision. I also appreciate how you didn’t bash public/private school, you simply stated the facts. Well done!” – AB

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