Homeschoolers: Please Take the Ultimate Homeschool Survey

Here’s the deal. We’re almost finished with a homeschool documentary 3.5 years into the making. It comes out this fall, but we need data that goes beyond the typical homeschool survey. We’re looking for at least 1,000 respondents, so if you are a homeschool family, please take the survey, then pass it on to other homeschool families you know.

All information will remain anonymous (that’s why we aren’t asking for your name or email). There are 23 questions. Please answer as many of them as you can. Thank you in advance!

If the survey doesn’t load properly below on your device, you can use this link instead.

After submitting the survey, feel free to poke around the site, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media. The movie will come out this fall.

38 thoughts on “Homeschoolers: Please Take the Ultimate Homeschool Survey

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  2. Hopefully that went through… I didn’t really get a confirmation.

    Good luck on your project…

    I’d definitely like to see more modern results than the ancient NERI survey usually quoted in lame media articles.

    And hopefully you’ve included some information on families that educate outside of the box.

    I’d like the world to know there are infinite fun and intriguing ways to homeschool through awesome travel and loads of real life experiences. Not all homeschoolers sit at home. Some of us are on the road 200+ nights a year, giving our kids the world…. First hand.

    That, to me, is what education is all about. FREEDOM.

  3. I’ve prayed for such a project! I hope it is everything needed to show what a blessing this life style is and when done correctly the results are immeasurable. Good luck! Looking forward to the result.

  4. This is a great survey, good luck with the movie, would love to hear the results of the survey and know when the movie is coming out!

  5. Looking forward to the movie! My favourite things about home education are the potential for flexibility, portability, learning at one’s own pace, and having time and space for family. Children learn from a very young age and our uniqueness makes our learning journeys different. I’m still learning and I hope I always will. Our children love to learn and are excited about life. I love doing life this way!

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  7. I was frustrate that question # 8 wouldn’t accept my answer of~ “It depends on the season and event ~ 0 – 8 Hrs. ”
    For us, and maybe others, it does depend on the season and event that takes place.
    There isn’t a week or month that repeats its self to have an exact amount or average amount of hours.

  8. I hit enter too soon! I didn’t get to finish the survey and it won’t let me back up. Should I try to resubmit, or will that confuse things?
    I’m very excited about this project! And I’m hoping you will dispel the myth that most of us homeschool for religious reasons. There are hundreds of valid reasons for homeschooling one’s child. I homeschool one child and send the other to a semi-private school — it is what has worked best for us so far, though we re-evaluate each year.

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  10. It would be nice to see how many people have both partners sharing in the home schooling process as well as how many partners are as deeply committed to the process of homeschooling their kids…

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  12. A few of the questions are too narrow. For instance, many homeschoolers are self-employed but there was no choice for that in the employment question, so I didn’t respond to it. Our home business was an integral part of our daughters’ unschooling experience.

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  14. I think additional interesting questions would gather information about people’s feelings regarding the possibility of kids returning to school: are they open to it, feelings about people who choose school, etc..

  15. Not sure what happened there! Just wanted to say thanks for this effort. We will be looking forward to updates! Best wishes.

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