History of School Video Goes Viral

On October 29th we posted a clip from the movie about the history and origins of school in the U.S. It’s an eye-opening piece that touches on the Prussian military roots of the compulsory school movement that took place just over a hundred years ago in the U.S.

We knew it would resonate with our audience, but we didn’t realize how much it would spread on Facebook. Over 4,000 people shared the video, resulting in half-a-million people seeing it in their feed.

The post started like this:

It’s surprising how few people, including teachers and administrators, know the real history and reasons behind the…

Posted by Class Dismissed onĀ Thursday, October 29, 2015

The video can also be seen by clicking the date above, or directly below from YouTube:

If you found that piece intriguing, check out the rest of the movie.

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