Homeschool Book Discount

Ask any librarian and you’ll quickly discover that homeschool families are some of the most ardent supporters and frequent users of the library system. In our own survey of 5,500 homeschool families, we found books to be the #1 resource for education, followed by libraries. 85.3% of homeschool families use libraries compared to only 56% for the general public (according to PEW research).

A company named ThriftBooks recently reached out to us to get our thoughts on improving their children’s book section and their homeschool section. We were pleased to see they are an excellent option for buying used books at very low prices. And we were happy to see they recognized homeschool parents in their teacher discount. However, most homeschoolers aren’t buying 20 books at a time.

After receiving our feedback, we are pleased to announce that Thriftbooks is now offering a discount specifically to homeschool families. Every homeschool family can now get 15% off one order (whether or not you already have an account), using the coupon code “homeschool15″ during checkout. 

ThriftBooks also has a free shipping discount if you spend $10 or more.

Hopefully this will save you money on your next book order. If you have any feedback on their children’s book section or homeschool section, let us know in the comments and we’ll pass them along.

History of School Video Goes Viral


On October 29th we posted a clip from the movie about the history and origins of school in the U.S. It’s an eye-opening piece that touches on the Prussian military roots of the compulsory school movement that took place just over a hundred years ago in the U.S.

We knew it would resonate with our audience, but we didn’t realize how much it would spread on Facebook. Over 4,000 people shared the video, resulting in half-a-million people seeing it in their feed.

The post started like this:

It’s surprising how few people, including teachers and administrators, know the real history and reasons behind the…

Posted by Class Dismissed on Thursday, October 29, 2015

The video can also be seen by clicking the date above, or directly below from YouTube:

If you found that piece intriguing, check out the rest of the movie.

Class Dismissed Seeking Interns

The filmmakers behind Class Dismissed are looking for up to two interns for each state in the US and two from each country outside the U.S. The internship will be great exposure in online research, community building, marketing, and film distribution. You will be working with one of the leading web marketers and a film editor with over 25 years of experience (plus dozens of other interns).

The primary goals of the internship are:

1) Research potential groups to work with in your state/country.
2) Identify education influencers and press who should know about the film.
3) Help organize movie screenings in your state/country.

We are looking for interns who can commit to working with us for a minimum of one month, but preferably for three months with up to 10 hours of work a week. The internship is unpaid, but the experience will be valuable and you’ll be helping out a very important cause. For interns outside of the San Francisco or Seattle areas, we will be collaborating online. Parental permission is required for all interns under 18.

To apply, simply fill out the form below and click on the submit button.

Class Dismissed at HSC Conference

We’re pleased to announce that the filmmakers behind Class Dismissed will be at the Adventures in Homeschooling Conference Aug. 4-7 in Sacramento, CA.

Not only will we be attending, but we’ll be presenting during the lunch hour on Saturday (see the conference schedule for the location). We’ll be sharing the trailer, extra footage including footage obtained at HSC in 2010, and hosting a Q&A session so attendees can learn more about the film and where it is going.

Want a sneak peek? Here’s a teaser trailer for Class Dismissed:

Site Soft Launch

Shhh…. don’t tell anyone, but we’ve quietly “soft launched” the site, which is the homeschool community site for the upcoming film, Class Dismissed.

If you are looking at the site now, chances are we are still filling out some of the pages of the site. Please bear with us as we prepare for the official launch!