Homeschool Book Discount

Ask any librarian and you’ll quickly discover that homeschool families are some of the most ardent supporters and frequent users of the library system. In our own survey of 5,500 homeschool families, we found books to be the #1 resource for education, followed by libraries. 85.3% of homeschool families use libraries compared to only 56% for the general public (according to PEW research).

A company named ThriftBooks recently reached out to us to get our thoughts on improving their children’s book section and their homeschool section. We were pleased to see they are an excellent option for buying used books at very low prices. And we were happy to see they recognized homeschool parents in their teacher discount. However, most homeschoolers aren’t buying 20 books at a time.

After receiving our feedback, we are pleased to announce that Thriftbooks is now offering a discount specifically to homeschool families. Every homeschool family can now get 15% off one order (whether or not you already have an account), using the coupon code¬†“homeschool15″ during checkout.¬†

ThriftBooks also has a free shipping discount if you spend $10 or more.

Hopefully this will save you money on your next book order. If you have any feedback on their children’s book section or homeschool section, let us know in the comments and we’ll pass them along.

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