Unschooling Summit & Production Update

As I type this, the Unschooling Summit interview of our Director, Jeremy Stuart, is underway. Included in the PDF emailed to summit attendees is a tip on how to receive credit on the website and in the film credits via the donation button on the upper right corner of this site.

Last week we were in LA filming the family for a 2nd time. The shoot went very smoothly. For the first time we got to spend time with the father of the two girls, plus had a great in-home consultation with Michelle Barone who happens to live nearby.

As expected, the story continues to unfold. We’re looking forward to a third shoot in about a month, which will be interesting as traditional school will be out of session.

2 thoughts on “Unschooling Summit & Production Update

  1. Love what I’m seeing so far. Would love to have you visit our center if ever in Vegas. Www,riseerc.org We just started hearing about this film and are looking forward to showing it to families here when it is finished. Hope it turns out as well as the trailers make it look. A positive and honest look at education and homeschooling is so needed!

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