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It’s been a little while since we blogged and we have a few things to update you with. Over the past couple of months, we’ve mostly been focusing on editing and sorting through the vast amount of footage that we’ve accumulated over the past 2 years. We’re happy to say that the process is going well and we have some sections of the film edited together that are starting to work very well. There’s still much to do in that area, and the editing process by it’s very nature is somewhat amorphous, meaning things are changing a lot as the story progresses. But we’re happy with what we have so far, which brings us to the next piece of news: we have 3 events coming up in the next few months where we’ll be able to share some of that footage with you all.

May 23-26th  – Dustin will be presenting some footage from the film at the Life is Good Unschooling Conference, in Vancouver, WA. He’ll be on-hand to talk about the status of the film and answer questions. In addition, he’ll also be presenting a funshop called “Let’s Make An Epic Stop-motion Video,” where you’ll have an opportunity to learn the craft of stop-motion. So if you are in the Vancouver area, or are planning to attend the conference, be sure to stop by and say hello.

May 30th - Jeremy has been invited to the 10th anniversary celebration of Village Home Education Resource Center, in Portland, Oregon. For those of you that don’t know, we spent 4 days filming at Village and got some great interviews and footage of the activities. Jeremy will be showing a section of the film that includes much of the footage we captured there. Unfortunately, this is not a public event, but if you don’t know about Village Home, please look them up. Their work is essential and inspirational. UPDATE: Actually, we made a mistake, this event is open to whoever would like to attend, so please click the link to get details and we hope to see you there.

August 22-26th – We’ll also be showing footage and talking about the film at the Rethinking Everything Conference, in Irving Texas. Jeremy will be presenting a funshop all about making independent documentaries and answering questions about Class Dismissed. By then we hope to have even more of the film put together, so it should be fun. Again if you can make it, please come by and introduce yourself.

UPDATE: Unfortunately we will no longer be appearing the Rethinking Everything Conference in August. We apologize to those who were expecting to see us there.

In between all that, we’re continuing with the editing and also doing some smaller shoots in areas where we need additional footage. So stay tuned for more and we hope to see some of you soon.

Thanks for all your support,

Jeremy, Dustin and the Class Dismissed team.

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