We Found A Family!

It seems that no matter where you slice the American Pie, homeschoolers can be found sticking out of it! The response to our recent search for a family for our film was to say the least, amazing. From Hawaii, to Alaska and everywhere in between, we received applications from families in all walks of life, from city-dwellers to rural homesteaders, some with one child, some with many, and all of them with different reasons for choosing to educate their children outside of the traditional classroom.

We read each application very carefully and were really moved by the stories people shared with us. I wish we had the time and resources to travel the entire country and film each and every one of the families who applied. It was difficult to narrow it down to just one, but we’re happy to announce that we’ve made our decision. We’ve found a family who are just stepping into the amazing journey of homechooling and over the next few months will be filming what will become an integral and important part of the film.

We’re so grateful to everyone who took the time to apply and to those who helped spread the word and recommended families to us. We look forward to this next step of the film and sharing the journey with you.

5 thoughts on “We Found A Family!

  1. I was just wondering why you chose a family who is just embarking on home ed. as opposed to a family that is experienced, comfortable, etc.?

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  3. you might want to reconsider focusing on just one family. the beauty of the homeschooling community is its diversity. presenting the story of just one family won’t bring that across. people will come away thinking ‘this is what homeschoolers are like’ and ‘this is what i have to be like to homeschool’ instead of ‘if so many different people can do it, i can do it, too’ or ‘homeschooling families are so diverse anyway; i don’t have to worry about fitting in.’ i know so many families, who’d like to homeschool too, but don’t trust themselves to do it. representing more journeys would increase the chance that they find someone in the movie they can identify with and take heart.

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